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    Automating your engineering design standards
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    Pencil 9
    Providing solutions to automate your world
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    Trusted Partner
    Pencil 9

Whether you are a large or small organization in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry, Pencil 9 can help improve how you leverage technology to realize productivity gains.

Your goals & challenges

Each organization has its own goals and challenges. You may be planning an organizational change or wanting to improve performance at a project level. No matter what your technology challenges and goals are, we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your organization's needs before developing a solution for you.

Our services

Pencil 9 provides consulting and software development services from the United States and United Kingdom within the AEC industry with a specialized focus on Information Management and Building Information Modeling (BIM) disciplines working with Autodesk, Bentley, and CADWorx Plant Professional software platforms.

Check out this short Pencil 9 summary (PDF) to learn a bit more.

Our Clients


We are proud to be trusted by our clients to help advance the use of technology within their organizations.

The team at Pencil 9.

Pencil 9 can partner with your organization in its digital transformation or help improve productivity of your current engineering workflows and applications.


We aim to become your long term trusted partner. We look forward to delivering strategic solutions that improve how your teams work.

Work smarter

Innovative solutions can often be found by maximizing the systems already in use at your organization.

Connect the dots

Efficiencies can often be found through connecting multiple applications together and letting the data flow through them. Pencil 9 has the specific solutions to connect your data, reducing errors and vastly improving productivity.


Pencil 9 understands that in order to successfully implement solutions, they must be simple for end users with comfortable steps to transition.

Our software solutions

Solutions based on out-of-the-box workflows are a great base to design with. Sometimes though, a little special sauce can take a workflow to the next level.

Pencil 9 software

Pencil 9 offers fully supported commercial grade software to automate the delivery and management of your engineering design standards. Learn more about Harmony.

Pencil 9 will also develop bespoke application and scripts to help you achieve your automation goals.

Free software

Pencil 9 has a suite of Apps available on the Autodesk® Exchange. These are free Apps that help make your life easier...because that's what we love to do!

Our consulting solutions

Pencil 9 offers world class knowledge and expertise within Information Management and Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems to help your organization achieve a specific goal, or to transform how you work.

Bentley ProjectWise infrastructure

Pencil 9 offers Bentley ProjectWise infrastructure consultation to provide strategic input into areas such as cloud hosted or on-premise solutions, security, support services, design application configuration and upgrades. With a robust infrastructure in place Pencil 9 can optimize workflows and help ensure your administrators and teams get the most out of your environment.

Project or company standards

Pencil 9 will help your organization manage many standards (such as CAD/BIM standards, specifications, and templates) and provide solutions to centralize, manage, distribute and deploy those standards to any user anywhere - even outside your organization, enabling a connected project team regardless of location or company.

Information management

Pencil 9 has deep practical knowledge in the application of Information Management standards such as ISO 19650 or regional Building Information Modeling standards and provides consulting services in the strategic deployment of systems to comply with the standards.


Pencil 9 offers services to automate your Engineering projects. This ranges from automating project creation through to automating the production of intelligent 3D data rich models and exporting data into outputs such as COBie.

Solutions for today's challenges

We know the AEC industry is facing challenges with technology today. Scroll left and right below to see where Pencil 9 can offer immediate support.
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Remote working & global worksharing

Being able to work remotely and connect people from any region to your project is critical. Pencil 9 will assist in developing your remote working practice to ensure your teams are connected regardless of their location.

Solution benefits
Global worksharing | Consistency | Connecting your teams | Teleworking | Secure

Managing project & company standards

A robust digital standards management solution keeps you more organized and improves consistency. Pencil 9 will provide solutions to manage your standards and content. Alongside our remote worksharing solution, this ensures your teams have the right standards for the project, no matter where they are located and automatically configures your design applications accordingly.

Solution benefits
Manage standards easily | Auto-configuration of projects with standards | Project Consistency

Bentley solutions

Upgrading your Bentley Applications from V8i to CONNECT presents several challenges and opportunities. Pencil 9 will help you with your organization's migration and can assist in optimizing your Workspaces and Datasets.

Solution benefits
Use the latest software | Optimized workspaces increases efficiency and productivity

Bentley ProjectWise support

Pencil 9 will help you optimize and upgrade your Bentley ProjectWise infrastructure and environment including transitioning from on-premise to the cloud.

Solution benefits
Optimized infrastructure | Optimized environment and workflows | Maximize environment utilization

Autodesk® solutions

From Application Plugins to traditional profiles, Pencil 9 will help you optimize the best solution for your organization. Use this in conjunction with our ProjectWise or global worksharing solutions to deliver Autodesk projects anywhere.

Solution benefits
Getting the most out of your Autodesk software toolset | Discover innovative methods to optimize your workflows

Our team, our story

Our background

Pencil 9 is a passionate team of technology enthusiasts who have been working in the AEC industry for a combined total of over 50 years. We have deep knowledge of Autodesk and Bentley products, as well as IT infrastructure solutions whether on premise or in the cloud. Our team is spread across the globe and understands the benefits of scalable solutions.

Our passion

We enjoy working together as a team as much as we enjoy helping our clients discover innovative solutions to their challenges. The true value of our team comes from combining our knowledge, ideas, experience, and collaborating to develop a solution for you. Oh yeah, did we mention we love learning about new technologies?

Our approach

We want to team up with you and the technology experts within your organization. We know you likely have some innovative workflows and ideas, and we want to help you be able to make those ideas a reality. We have an agnostic approach to tools and know you likely have made tool choices for important reasons. We want to help you optimize the use of the tools that are important to you.

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